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3 Benefits of Off-Site Shredding Contracts in Naples

A close up image of the printed words "Shred It" in red ink. This image represents off-site shredding contracts.Off-site shredding is a secure process through which a trusted shredding company provides a locked container for businesses to hold confidential documents. From there, the secure container is taken off-site by the shredder. The documents are then destroyed. The business will receive a Certificate of Destruction and peace of mind that their sensitive information is no longer at risk of a breach.

Off-site shredding contracts are ideal for companies that are looking to save in more ways than one. While off-site shredding offers many benefits, the top three benefits include the time, money, and space a business can save.

1. Time

Shredding sensitive documents in-office can be time-consuming. It requires the separation of various types of paper products and the removal of items like staples and paper clips. This leads to tedious sorting and cutting, taking precious time out of your day. Sending these documents to an off-site shredder instead can save you from all the extra hassle of shredding in-house.

2. Money

Every business wants to save money. Off-site shredding contracts are often much cheaper than on-site services. And while that is a great way to save money for your business, the cost-effective nature of off-site shredding offers benefits far beyond the margin of savings.

When a company takes shredding into its own hands, it can easily be forgotten or done ineffectively. Mishaps can lead to a leak in customers’ personal and financial information – a breach that will cost your business when it comes to finances and your reputation. Ensuring that your business has a scheduled, regular routine of secure shredding will protect you, your employees, your customers, and your business in the long term.

3. Space

Perhaps one of the most obvious advantages to off-site shredding is the free space in your office! There’s no need to make room for an in-house shredder! 

If you haven’t been shredding your documents, filing cabinets filled with confidential documents are not only a security risk — they can also take up a huge amount of space! Make room for your business to grow by getting rid of the physical burden of these extra documents!

Off-Site Shredding in Naples

Looking for an off-site shredding service you can trust? ShredQuick has the knowledge and equipment you need to keep your documents safe during transit. We’ll make sure your sensitive information is completely destroyed. Protect your business, customers, and employees with off-site shredding. Call us today to discuss the best options for you and your business!

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