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3 Benefits of St. Petersburg Residential Document Shredding

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Have you somehow ended up with a stockpile of forms, records, and other important pieces of written material in your home? Do they contain information too confidential to toss in the bin? If that’s the case, call a professional paper shredding company to come by and take care of those documents for you!

Though most shredding companies don’t extend their services to residential areas, some (like ShredQuick) do. Not sure whether you really need a service like this? Here are three of the major benefits you can expect from residential document shredding.

1. Ease

If you only have a few documents on hand, there’s a good chance you could get away with shredding them yourself. But if you have boxes upon boxes that need to be shredded and securely disposed of, running them all through a home shredder is guaranteed to give you a headache—what with all the jams and small inconveniences that are sure to happen.

When you go through a company like ShredQuick, a shredder truck will show up at your residence. This type of truck carries enough power to shred piles and piles of corporate documents, so it’ll handle your workload no problem. 

The shredding will happen on site… it’s as simple as that! No long-drawn-out shredding process, no struggling with equipment, no wasting an afternoon. Just a simple process that’s easy for everyone.

2. Security

NAID certification, which means a business is approved by the National Association of Information Destruction, is quickly becoming the new standard for professional paper shredding companies. The association audits shredding companies to inspect security, hiring practices, and liability coverage. If a business meets all these standards, they get to maintain an AAA rating.

Find a company that’s NAID AAA certified, like ShredQuick, and you’ll never have to worry about your documents getting into the wrong hands. 

Fun fact: ShredQuick is the only shredding company in the St. Petersburg area that holds NAID certification status.

3. Sustainability

Your household may already recycle. But did you know that you can’t actually recycle paper shreds from a home shredder? If the shreddings are too few, these paper scraps will inevitably wind up in a landfill.

When you recycle through a company like ShredQuick, however, you’re contributing to the tons of shredded paper the company recycles every day. For ShredQuick, with every ton of paper we recycle, we save 3.3 cubic yards of space in Florida landfills. This also provides a surge in material that can be made into reusable products.

Save yourself the trouble and call ShredQuick to shred your residential documents. It’s never been so easy to do something so good.

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