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3 Problems with Remote Work in Ft. Myers (and the Solutions)

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While most companies have resumed work like usual, many companies still have employees working remotely. With large numbers of people still working from home, companies need to recognize potential issues or difficulties with remote work. Learn more about three issues with remote work in Ft. Myers and solutions to tackle the problems.

1. Disorganization

Disorganization is a major problem when working remotely. When you’re at home, you don’t have the same organizational tools you may have at the office. This makes keeping track of documents and tasks more difficult.

To keep your work organized at home, invest in organizational software that will help you keep your assignments in order. For physical paperwork and documents, binders and filing cabinets can be great additions to your workspace. 

2. Decreased Productivity

A common issue that many remote employees are facing is decreased productivity. When working from home, it’s very easy to get distracted. Whether it be children, pets, neighbors, or Netflix, your home environment is full of numerous things that can take your attention away from work. This distraction can result in a serious decrease in productivity. 

Set up an entirely separate work environment within your home that is as far removed from distractions as possible to keep yourself on track. Do not have a television in this space. Do not allow pets in this space. Make sure that you eliminate any potential distractors from the area.

3. Information and Data Security

When working in the office, it’s easier to keep sensitive client information safe and out of the wrong hands. There are protocols and measures in place to protect private data. When employees are working from home, that data is in an environment that is less secure. 

If you’re an employee working with sensitive personal information, it’s crucial to adhere to privacy protocols while at home. Always use the software that your company uses. Do not allow other people in your home to access your work documents or client information. Are you handling physical documents? Never just throw them in the garbage! If you do, you’ll never know where they might end up. Instead, you invest in residential paper shredding services.

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