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3 Reasons to Routinely Check Data Security in Orlando

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When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s no time like the present. Staying on top of your data security checks can help your Orlando business stay secure, avoid breaches, and maintain a reputation for keeping your employees’ and customers’ information safe. 

Once a breach happens, devastating consequences can occur quickly, and an ounce of prevention always goes further than a pound of cure in such scenarios. 

It’s never been more important than right now to take a close look at the state of your data security. Here are 3 reasons why you should routinely check data security for your Orlando-based business.

1. The World Has Changed Drastically

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders have caused an unprecedented shift in how businesses operate. 

Many employees are working remotely, which means that the cybersecurity landscape has changed drastically from what it looked like three years ago. It may not even resemble what it was just one year ago. 

Remote work is here to stay for many businesses, so it is critical for organizations to ensure their data is secure across all locations and devices.

2. Security Checks Protect Your Customers’ Privacy

Cybercriminals are after access to important information (such as credit card numbers, bank account details, and Social Security numbers) that is often stored in the business systems of small companies. Some of these businesses may not be equipped with adequate security measures, making them attractive targets for hackers. 

Small businesses should consider working with a trusted IT expert to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity plan and do their part to protect their customers’ records. 

3. Security Checks Protect Your Reputation

A security breach can tarnish your reputation and affect customer loyalty and future sales. Many consumers say they would never do business with an organization that had experienced a data breach involving credit card information. 

To ensure the appropriate level of protection for your business, start by understanding what types of threats exist and what systems you need in place to prevent or mitigate them.

Take an Active Role in Preventing Security Breaches

As a business owner, keeping your customers’ and employees’ data safe is of the utmost importance. Breaches can cause widespread repercussions, including identity theft, fraud, and more. 

When you take an active role in preventing security breaches by working with cybersecurity experts and following basic best practices, you can minimize the chances of valuable information falling into the wrong hands. 

At ShredQuick, we are committed to helping Orlando businesses complete their data security checks by offering a variety of services. With options like hard drive shredding, we can help you mark off items on your cybersecurity to-do list and improve your company’s protection against hackers and unwanted eyes. 

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