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3 Reasons You Should Be Destroying Hard Drives for Data Destruction

Today, we live in a world dominated by technology. In reality, nearly every aspect of our day relies on a computer or other automated device. What about compiling and storing data at your Florida home or workplace?

Truthfully, the most efficient way to manage and keep it safe is with a hard drive. Consider businesses handling client and customer information. They’re especially reliant on hard drives. They use them to back up and store all that data.

Generally, the secure storage of data is safer than paper. Also, a considerable risk of a data breach is present. Perhaps, you thoroughly shred paper documents. In reality, this isn’t 100% effective.

That’s because determined thieves can piece together data from those shreds. Really, the same applies to hard drives. Nowadays, skilled hackers can abscond with a discarded hard drive. Then, they break through passwords and various firewalls.

Thus, compromising private information. Certainly, you want to guard against that potential risk. Hence, here are three of the top reasons to destroy hard drives. In doing so, you’ll ensure the safety of your private Florida company. Also, this applies to your personal information.

1. Ensure Complete “Unrecoverability”

Perhaps, you aren’t aware of something important It’s that deleting and erasing information from a hard drive isn’t enough. In fact, the data is still there and hackers can get to it. Really, there is only one way to guarantee your data is fully unrecoverable.

That’s the complete physical destruction of the drive. First, professional shredding services will record serial numbers of hard drives. Then, they will shred the drives on-site or at a facility. Finally, they should provide a certificate verifying destruction.

2. Federal Data Privacy Compliance

Be aware, there are U.S. federal privacy protection laws. These state that companies are responsible for protecting private information. This applies to clients, employees, and individuals. Therefore, breaching that law results in severe penalties and long-term negative consequences.

This includes lost business and a soiled reputation. A hefty fine is one thing. Yet, if customers retreat in great numbers, it’s difficult to recover. In fact, consider hard drive data destruction in Florida. It helps avoid that scenario and keeps your business compliant.

3. Make Room for The New

Hard drives can accommodate an enormous amount of data. Yet, their physical presence takes up a lot of space in an office or home. Actually, tossing out an old hard drive is environmentally harmful.

Additionally, it makes for easy pickings for data theft. Therefore, keep data out of the hands of thieves. Simultaneously, this frees up office space. That’s because it ensures complete physical destruction of old hard drives.

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