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3 Steps to Take Before Calling a Shredding Company in Tampa

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Business owners have many responsibilities, and data security is one of the most important. Keeping private company data out of the hands of hackers has never been more critical; cybercrime is more common than ever, and data breaches are increasingly expensive.

When the time comes for your business to seek the services of a shredding company, there are some things you should consider doing first. Preparing to shred documents that contain sensitive information should be a thorough and careful process because if it isn’t done properly, your business will suffer a variety of industry-specific consequences.

Taking the time to complete the following steps will improve the security of your company’s data and possibly help you adhere to data disposal regulations. Some of the steps you should take before you reach out to a shredding company include:

1. Prepare and Assess

First, you need to determine exactly what documents you need to shred. If there isn’t one already in place, create a system of organization that makes it easier for you to review your data. 

How much has to be destroyed? Do you have any private customer information in the documents? Is it possible that any of these documents will be needed in the future? Gathering and evaluating your documents that are ready for the shredders is the best way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks once the professionals are called. 

2. Research Laws and Regulations

Depending on the type of business you have and the industry it’s in, there may be regulations governing what you need to destroy, how it needs to be destroyed, and how frequently you need to destroy documents.

Before you make an appointment to shred your documents, it’s in your best interests to familiarize yourself with the law. If you don’t, you can possibly face hefty fines.

3. Create an Ongoing Plan

All businesses should have a designated plan for document destruction at all times. This plan should include where important documents are held, how they will get destroyed, and when certain documents should be shredded in the future.

This plan should be reviewed and updated if necessary on at least an annual basis. Document destruction plans make it easier for your business to properly destroy documents with minimal human error. 

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