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3 Ways an ID Thief Can Use Your Name and Bradenton Address to Steal Your Identity

A cartoon of a man working on a laptop at a desk. The laptop has a red octagon that reads "FRAUD ALERT" on it. This image represents Identity Theft.

When there’s a data breach, identity theft is one of the most common results. So how careful do you have to be when shredding our personal information? We know that tax documents and credit statements need secure disposal, but what about the paperwork that only says your name and address? How much could an ID thief do with that information? (A lot, surprisingly.) 

If you’re looking for a reason to buff up your wasting techniques, here are three ways an ID thief can use your name and Bradenton address to steal your identity.

1. Database Searching

There are databases on the web that collect personal information more thoroughly than the White Pages. And this isn’t a secret. A thief can use your name and address and find anything from your phone numbers to your employment history. It might even be enough to open new financial accounts in your name, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for suspicious charges in your credit statement. 

2. Security Answers

Your name and address are all-powerful, and they’re usually the first thing that comes up when dealing with websites or customer services. When you call your bank, for instance, they ask questions to confirm who they’re supposedly talking to. This is usually your name and address, and if someone else gets that critical information, they can pass as you without a problem.

3. Gone Phishin’ 

Phishing is when you receive mail, email, or physical, that’s disguised as a reliable source. These messages deceive users in order to get their money or financial information. If an ID thief gains access to your address, they can contact you directly with phony bills or service notifications. If you receive one of these suspicious letters, you should report it immediately to the Federal Trade Commission.

You can significantly lower the risk of identity theft by making sure you’re securely disposing of your documents. And you can get this best done with a professional shredding service like ShredQuick. 

ShredQuick can bring a truck to your home, business, or office and shred documents en masse and onsite. You don’t have to worry about your paperwork getting lost on the route from stop to stop. Our truck contains a built-in shredding machine and boasts a video feed. So you can watch and make sure we do the job right.

Don’t drop bits of important information like trees in autumn. Shred your documents today with ShredQuick, and secure your life and family tomorrow.

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