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3 Ways to Reduce Document Management Risks in Bradenton

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A well-designed document management system will reduce the risk of lost or misplaced documents. In a paper-based system, documents can be misfiled, lost, or stolen. Digital files can be deleted or overwritten.

In addition to reducing the chances of a document going missing, a document management system will also limit the risks associated with unauthorized access to sensitive information.

By following the 3 tips below, you can reduce document management risks for your Bradenton business.

1. Manage Access Control

Every organization has confidential information, such as personnel files, contracts, intellectual property, business plans, and financial statements. If any of that information fell into the wrong hands, it could be damaging on several levels.

Access to specific documents should be limited only to those individuals with a need to know. A good document management system will allow administrators to set permissions on both a user and group level.

2. Track Audit Trails

Document management systems allow you to organize your organization’s documents in a secure, centralized location. They also provide an audit trail and improve productivity by allowing employees to access the documents they need while collaborating with colleagues and partners.

You can use audit trails to record key events in the life cycle of an electronic document, including when it was created, modified, viewed, and deleted. Audit trails should incorporate enough detail that individual users can be identified by name and login ID. 

Audit trails should also record any attempted access or modification by unauthorized parties.

3. Implement Backup and Disaster Recovery

An effective backup and disaster recovery plan are necessary for all organizations, especially those with mission-critical documents in their possession. A good document management solution should include provisions for secure offsite backups in the event of a natural disaster or another catastrophe.

The first step to keeping your data safe is backing it up. A computer or mobile device can fail at any time. You need a backup solution that protects against hardware failures and malicious attacks like ransomware. Don’t wait until you have an issue before setting up your backups—it may be too late.

To be most effective, this backup should include an offsite repository for critical files, either in the cloud or on physical media at another location. That way, if a disaster affects one site, the other site will remain intact and accessible to your staff.

Reduce Document Management Risks with Help from ShredQuick

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