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4 Benefits of Bulk Shredding in Ft. Myers

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Even in the modern digital era, there are still businesses in Ft. Myers that rely on paper documents in their day-to-day operations. If your business is among them, eliminating paper documents when they’re no longer needed constitutes a major security concern. 

You can address that issue by using a document shredding service. Routinely shredding your documents will keep your company’s data secure and provide you with a wealth of other benefits.

1. Reduce Fire Hazards

When you have to store vast amounts of paper documents in your facility, you will be faced with a significant fire hazard. All it will take is one spark to ignite all of that paper. 

If you have several cabinets filled with paper documents, that much paper can be enough kindling to fuel a fire. You’ll reduce those risks when you start shredding and removing documents that are no longer needed.

2. Make Better Use of Office Space

When you start shredding paper documents, you can reduce the amount of storage space you will need. Instead of four or five file cabinets, you may only need one to hold active files. As a file is deemed inactive, it can be added to the documents that need to be shredded. 

Keeping your paper documents current through shredding services will leave more space for office machines, workstations, and conference areas.

3. Help the Environment

The paper documents that are processed through a shredding service will be recycled safely and securely. For each ton of paper that you have shredded and recycled, you will be saving up to 17 trees. 

You’ll also be saving on the landfill space that a ton of discarded paper will take up. In shredding your documents, your business can save more trees and protect America’s forests.

4. Boost Office Productivity

When you reduce the number of paper files in your office, your employees will find it easier to locate the documents they need. They will spend less time looking through files and more time working on productive tasks. The increased efficiency in your office will help you keep up with your company’s demands. 

If your business has deadlines to meet, saving just a few minutes can have a big impact on your organization’s productivity. 

When you need a document shredding service you can trust, contact ShredQuick. We provide one-time bulk shredding and regular shredding services to help you keep up with the use of paper documents in your business.

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