Twenty years ago, computers were not an essential part of the business landscape. Many companies were using computers and internet communications. Yet, there were still plenty of business operations making due without.

This is no longer the case. In this digital age, it is practically impossible to conduct business without technology. This includes computers, email, and a slew of mobile devices on hand.

What does this mean for your backlog of hard copies? How can you manage documents in this digital era?

Here are a few tips to try.

1. Go Paperless

It’s the digital age. Do you really need to keep adding to your stockpile of hard copies filling up file cabinets? In most cases, the answer is “no”.

You can increase convenience and efficiency by upgrading to digital technologies. Additionally, you could reduce the cost of paper, printers, ink, lost time, and more. These steps will save space.

In addition, a paperless office does less harm to the environment. That is because it reduces deforestation and paper manufacturing.

Consider opting to hire a document destruction service. Upgrade to an entirely digital operation. You will gain a lot in the process.

2. Scan to Digital

Updating years of paper records can be a tedious chore. Luckily, the right Florida document shredding company will offer this option as part of their services. All you have to do is turn over hard copies.

They will scan them before they’re shredded and hauled away to a secure recycling facility. You’ll get digital copies. Plus, you’ll rid yourself of paper records in one fell swoop.

3. Save Necessary Hard Copies

The vast majority of business documents can be submitted for document shredding once they’ve been copied to digital.

However, there are certain documents you’ll want to keep hard copies of, at least for a while. These include tax records, contracts, and other legal documents, just for example.

4. Utilize a Shredding Service

Perhaps you digitize your records before shredding them and upgrade to a digital system of recordkeeping.

The chances are you’ll still produce at least a small number of hard copies of documents in the course of regular business operations. How are you going to manage these?

The best solution is an ongoing partnership with a reliable mobile document shredding service. They will help you update your system by scanning and shredding old records.

Additionally, your service provides you with locking bins to secure documents submitted for shredding. They’ll visit you on a regular schedule to empty bins, and shred documents on-site as you watch. This ensures compliance with all applicable privacy laws.