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4 Electronic Devices You’re Not Shredding in Tampa (But Should Be)

a broken smartphone against a white backgroundWhen your business stores, receives or transmits sensitive data, you know you must employ proper destruction methods. Unfortunately, while most people understand the importance of destroying files and documents, they aren’t always up to speed on destroying the devices that store this data.

Even when you take proper steps to delete data, reset, and format your electronic devices, there is still a risk that they may contain sensitive information that can be accessed by unauthorized individuals. 

Because of this, shredding is often the best option. Of course, this includes computers and hard drives, but that’s not all. Here are four devices that you should be shredding but may not be:

1. Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used to store and transmit potentially sensitive personal and business data. It isn’t enough to simply factory reset these items then recycle or dispose of them. 

Instead, they should be properly handled by a shredding service that will ensure that your devices or files don’t end up being exposed to the wrong people.

2. Gaming Consoles

A modern gaming console is much more than a device for playing video game disks and cartridges. They are computers with data storage and processing capability and can be connected to the internet. 

Yours may have login information stored on it. You may have used it to transmit credit or debit card information to download games or purchase in-game content. 

That’s a lot of sensitive information. Additionally, if someone were to get ahold of your account information, this could prevent you from being able to use any next-generation consoles. A shredding service will help you dispose of these items properly and destroy any data storage devices. 

3. External Hardware and Peripheral Devices

How are you disposing of old external hard drives, data storage devices, printers, and other peripheral devices? If there is a chance that these may contain data, including IP addresses or passwords, they shouldn’t simply be dropped off at a recycling center. 

Instead, best practices should be implemented. That often means the devices must be destroyed. 

4. Digital Media Devices

Digital media devices include any hardware that is used to record, play, or modify audio or visual information. In many instances, this data is copyright protected. These devices, along with any physical media, should be given to a shredding service for destruction.

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