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Protecting your company’s and your clients’ information is an important part of business ownership. Document disposal plays a crucial role in overall information security.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to protect sensitive information. Thus, here are four major document disposal mistakes to avoid:

1. Using a Paper Shredder

Document shredding is an important part of document destruction. Maybe, you hire a shredding company like Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick.

Perhaps, you’re doing the shredding yourself. In fact, shredding documents yourself is time-consuming and costly. Plus, there is also an added risk of user error.

2. Ignoring Information Destruction Laws

There are laws in place regarding how certain information is disposed of. Consider personally identifiable information and/or health information.

Essentially, both need to be disposed of following state and federal laws. Again, avoid user error. In truth, it’s best to employ a document shredding service.

In doing so, they’ll come and dispose of your documents. Also, they utilize practices meeting your state’s document disposal requirements.

3. Keeping Documents for Too Long

Perhaps, you’ve kept confidential records for a while. However, now, they are no longer needed. Dispose of these immediately. Thus, the risk of privacy breaches is reduced.

Additionally, there’s another reason to dispose of confidential records in a timely manner. After all, you’re required to hand them over if requested for legal reasons.

Therefore, timely destruction protects you from certain legal problems. Also, it protects your company and clients from having their confidential information stolen.

4. Choosing a Global Document Destruction Service

Perhaps, you choose a global document destruction company. In reality, you are nothing more than a number on a long list of clients. Often, this results in mistakes.

It’s due to oversights and rushing the document destruction process. Thus, it makes your customer service experience subpar. Alternatively, consider a local document shredding company like ShredQuick.

Hence, you’ll rest assured you are more than just another account. Additionally, they’ll handle your information with discretion and care.

Destroying documents is imperative in a business setting. Therefore, ensure that mistakes are avoided.

In fact, it is important to keep the aforementioned tips in mind when dealing with security. Employ a local mobile document shredding company.

By doing so, confidential information is disposed of in a timely manner. Also, federal and state document destruction laws will be followed.

Don’t attempt to destroy your documents yourself. Do your part to ensure that your company and client information remains safe and secure.