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4 Questions Every Clearwater Business Owner Should Be Able to Answer

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It’s only appropriate we kick off this question blog with a question. Do you own a business in Clearwater? When you’re a successful business owner, there are certain questions you should be able to answer when it comes to your company. From data storage to productivity, check out four questions every Clearwater business should be able to answer.

1. Is the Aim of Your Company Clear to the Community?

The first thing to address as any kind of business is whether or not your aim is clear. What’s your purpose? What are your company’s goals? Do you want to help a certain demographic? Do you want to save the environment? Your local community should know everything about your mission and how it will benefit them.

The “point” of your business should be clear in your advertising and marketing materials so that potential clients know what you offer. If your marketing materials do not clearly convey your company’s aim, revisit the drawing board. 

2. How Does Your Business Keep Track of Information and Records?

Does your company need to store client information? Many clients and customers want to know how their information is going to be stored. Why? To ensure that their information is safe and secure within your company. Even if you don’t store client information, it’s important to know your company’s data storage procedures. FYI, there are many laws in place, and some may concern your business!

3. What Do You Do to Create a Productive Work Environment?

Every business owner should have a clear and concise system of operations that creates a productive work environment. Whether it be an efficient organizational system or concise employee management, you should be able to distinguish what sets your company apart from others in terms of productivity.

4. How Do You Dispose of Sensitive Data (When Necessary)?

Again, your clients and employees are likely concerned with the personal or sensitive information they provide you for various reasons. They are probably curious about what happens to their information when or if it is no longer needed. It’s crucial to have a standard disposal process in place for outdated or irrelevant data. Even more important, it’s essential to make sure your employees and clients understand this process.

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