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4 Reasons to Use Secure Shredding for Your Law Firm in Orlando 

Strips of paper in various bright colors and white. This image represents law firm shredding services..If you’re a lawyer in Orlando, you probably handle a lot of information on a daily basis — and your firm as a whole goes through even more. And even if you’re following the new standards necessary for handling your case documents, there’s still a lot of leeway in disposal techniques. 

Here are four benefits that you can take advantage of by incorporating secure shredding into your practice. 

Save Space

According to The American Lawyer, nearly 5% of law firm budgets go straight to real estate costs. And more often than not, this amounts to money spent on unnecessary storage space. Going through things like old case files and reference materials and disposing of them in a safe and secure manner can leave you with extra space and fewer costs. 

Save Time

Taking the time to find and securely shred your outdated material can condense your paperwork on hand to only the things that are needed. You’ll cut down on time spent leafing through the filing cabinets, searching for that one file you need to reference to get on with your work. It can also save time by erasing the need to shred your documents in-house, which allows you to focus on what matters without neglecting security.

Ensure Security

35% of the law firms surveyed by the American Bar Association reported having to recover from an information breach. All it takes is a deposition or police report tossed aside without a care to damage your case and cause you to violate Florida state security laws. 

There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to this type of thing. A fourth of all information breaches are the product of a simple employee error, the kind that happens without much thought. For this reason, a secure shredding program is absolutely vital if your firm handles confidential documents. 

Keep Confidentiality

While some files in a case won’t require professional-grade shredding, in most cases, it makes more sense just to destroy the whole file when possible. You work hard to create a system that puts a high value on client security, so it makes sense to do everything you can to make sure you don’t trip on the last step and neglect protecting client information right as it goes out the door. 

When you hire a professional shredding company like ShredQuick, you’ll be putting your materials in the hands of a company who knows how to dispose of them right. We work on your terms and can provide a quote that fits your budget. Contact us today!

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