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4 reasons why your Clearwater business needs a hard drive shredding service

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Technology updates are a fact of life for businesses in Clearwater, just as they are with every plugged-in business in the world. As manufacturers continue to innovate their digital tools, old devices are constantly being replaced. This is especially the case with discarded hard drives. Even though they’re outdated, undersized, or malfunctioning, they still contain just enough data and information to provide identity thieves all they need to breach your company’s security.

Here are four reasons why you need to hire a professional hard drive shredding service whenever you’re getting rid of your office’s outdated technology.


To protect your privacy

Throwing old technology away in an easily accessible dumpster or container is taking a huge risk with your company’s most sensitive information. Even reformatting or erasing them for recycling or donation doesn’t remove the threat — 40% of all used technology that gets resold contains at least some personal data that identity thieves can exploit. This includes everything from passwords and usernames to bank account numbers and tax records. The only way to guarantee old data can’t be retrieved from your old hard drive is to use professionals in the business of media destruction.

To dispose of e-waste properly and responsibly

Electronic waste is more than just clutter — it’s a real and significant environmental threat. The manufacture of technology always involves the use of toxic materials. By not responsibly disposing of these products, you may release unsafe pollutants into the atmosphere. Every small step taken to reduce carbon footprints is important. Professional hard drive shredders will partner with authorized recycling agencies that properly and legally sort recyclable components so they can be safely used again.

To maintain compliance

Media destruction is legally regulated in many jurisdictions. Legislative acts like FACTA, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX were enacted to protect customers from security breaches that arise from illicit access to confidential information on discarded documents and devices. Written verification of hard drive destruction is a component of these laws, and you can only get that certification from a professional media destruction company after you’ve used their services.

To get peace of mind

In these times when cybercrime is rising and information is easy to steal, you and your company need reassurance that all your outdated data and information has been completely removed and destroyed. Knowing you’ve taken the right steps to protect personal data and limit your company’s liability is a major relief of pressure and stress.


Experts in hard drive destruction

ShredQuick offers Clearwater businesses thorough and timely hard drive shredding to protect their customers and themselves from data theft. Contact us to find out more about our media destruction service.

Oct 20, 2020

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