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5 Data Destruction Policies to Adopt

Recently, the evening news had a
serious report. A gang of hoodlums broke into several houses. It was in your
neighborhood. They’ve yet to be caught. Likely, they are still roaming the area.
Probably, they’re looking for their next target.

Thus, what now? Do you just hope they
don’t choose to burgle your home? Maybe, you will be proactive by keeping your
home and family safe. Actually, there is a smart strategy. Of course, it’s
taking steps toward the latter.

Additionally, the same philosophy
applies to data destruction. Possibly, it is your Florida household information.
Maybe, you manage a large company. In any case, it is best to stay on top of
data security. Otherwise, you’ll be trying to recover from a data breach down
the road.

Naturally, you want peace of mind
with confidential personal or business information. Hence, follow these 5 data
destruction policies:

1. If It’s Paper,
Shred It

Actually, it’s crucial to make a habit of shredding all paper. This includes old employee manuals. Also, it applies to “harmless” piles of scratch paper and Post-It notes.

Really, these types of office papers
don’t contain anything compromising. Yet, you don’t want your latest Florida
financials or employee records ending up in a recycling bin. After all, thieves
can easily pilfer it.

2. Create A Shred
Schedule and Stick to It

Perhaps, your sensitive information
squirreled away. Maybe, it’s kept in a storage closet. In reality, it’s likely
that thieves can retrieve it. Therefore, keep data locked up tight. Also,
partner with a reputable shredding company. They’ll provide regular pickups or
shred on-site.

3. Trust Only A Few

In fact, many data breaches are because of internal employees. Often, this is due to human error. Actually, it happens more often in particular industries. Nonetheless, the risk is there. Thus, establish strict data destruction practices among your trusted staff.

4. Don’t Share Your

Of course, your latest family
vacation to Disneyland is fine. Maybe, you think donating old computers and
other devices is a good idea. In reality, the memory inside is susceptible to

Essentially, deleting a hard drive does not permanently get rid of its data. Plus, the same goes for USB drives, DVDs, CDs, magnetic tapes, and any other data storage device. Therefore, destroy all such devices when they are no longer needed.

5. Destroy and

Perhaps, your Florida company is
required to destroy sensitive data and record said destruction. Let’s say you
don’t have any regulations. In that case, maintaining detailed data destruction
records is critical. After all, it supports all related processes, especially
in times of audit.

Work with a reliable data
destruction company. In doing so, you’ll ensure your information is safe and

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