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5 Effortless Ways to Keep Your Documents Safe After Tax Season in Naples

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Businesses in Naples are already preparing their tax returns in advance of April 15, 2022. But the documentation involved has a treasure trove of sensitive information that can devastate a company if it falls into the wrong hands.

How can your Naples company keep documents secure when tax season comes to a close? Here are 5 easy ways. 

1. Scan the Documents

Some tax documents need to be kept for a few years after their official use. Digitize the paper copies and store them in a secure cloud location or an encrypted storage device. This keeps paper documents out of circulation. It also makes it easier for your company to access the information that you might need in future tax years. 

2. Shred the Documents

In most cases, businesses need to retain past tax documentation no longer than three years. Occasionally, they’ll need to hold onto these documents longer if they’re audited by the IRS. But after they’re no longer needed, it’s a wise idea to use a professional shredding service to ensure they’re destroyed and the information they hold is inaccessible. 

While it might be tempting to shred in-house, consumer shredders don’t always work as thoroughly as dedicated shredding services. 

3. Encrypt Them

The IRS recommends having a backup system in place for electronically stored tax documents in case your hard drives melt down. If you do, encrypt them, both on the hard drive and your backup devices. This may involve the purchase of encryption software, but the added security is worth the extra expense. 

4. Store Them Off-Site

If you absolutely must keep paper copies of your tax information, take the documents to an off-site storage facility with maximum security. Thieves naturally assume that these documents are housed in your office. By moving them to a third-party address, you neutralize that threat in case of a physical break-in at your corporate location. 

5. Destroy Old Hard Drives

Even if you’ve deleted them, portions of old tax documents may remain on your company’s discarded hard drives. As long as those pieces of information are still there, sophisticated data thieves can retrieve them. 

To really put that information out of criminals’ reach, have the hard drives physically demolished. 

ShredQuick Keeps Your Company Secure

To learn more about keeping your Naples business’ tax information safe and secure, get in touch with the professionals at ShredQuick. We’ll give you plenty of choices for handling sensitive documents and data!

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