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5 Kinds of Documents to Always Shred Securely in Orlando

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Secure documents containing a person’s health or financial information are dangerous in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, too many businesses and individuals in Orlando improperly dispose of documents like these into the garbage because they do not realize the hidden value they have to criminals.

To help protect you from identity theft and other crimes, we’ll take a look at five documents that you should always shred securely.

Medical Records

Medical records contain a wealth of personal information. These documents can include any insurance information you used to pay the bills, the type of injuries you have sustained, your Social Security number, and more.

It is best to shred these kinds of documents to make sure that the information is gone for good. If you work at a medical facility, it’s even more important to properly dispose of records for HIPAA compliance.

Old Tax Returns

While it is important to keep tax records on hand for at least three years after filing, these documents should be destroyed after that.

Tax returns contain a lot of vital information about you, including major purchases you’ve made for your business, how much you earned in a year, your Social Security number, and more. Destroying tax returns completely is the only way to ensure that information is fully protected.

Credit Card Statements

Credit card statements are generally something that you need to see once to verify expenditures. For businesses, however, they can be used to track spending. But after they’re past their useful lifespan, these statements become a liability.

Take the time to destroy these documents so that your account number and any other personal information cannot be used by criminals.

Bank Statements

In Orlando, it’s important to securely dispose of your bank statements for many of the same reasons as that you’d need to protect your credit card statement. A downside to holding onto bank statements is that they often reveal the account’s routing number, and that can be used to make fraudulent purchases!

Utility Bills

While utility bills may seem rather innocuous, they will often contain the last month’s payment information. Having these bills shredded on your behalf can save you from having your credit card and bank information fall into the wrong hands.

Secure Shredding in Orlando, FL

There are many documents that should be fully shredded and disposed of once you have finished using them. While these five kinds have potential to be especially harmful in the wrong hands, working with a secure shredding service can help you to identify all of the documents that you should protect.

If you want to make sure your documents are fully shredded and disposed of properly,  you may want to contact secure shredding professionals in Orlando.

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