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5 Kinds of Ft. Myers Businesses That Can Benefit from Secure Shredding

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Truth be told, it’s hard to think of any Ft. Myers business that wouldn’t benefit from shredding services. Every workplace, from a doctor’s office to a butcher’s shop, keeps some kind of confidential information on its premises. But proper document destruction can be extremely advantageous for five business types in particular.

Banks and Investment Firms

Financial information is especially sensitive data. Banking and investment institutions keep a lot of old paperwork, some of which may even go back decades. Deleted customer account numbers and statements need to be shredded regularly — that’s the law. But so do other bits of information, like deposit and withdrawal slips, loan applications (approved or denied), vendor contracts, tax records, stock portfolios, and even employment applications.

Legal Offices

A typical lawyer’s office retains a huge amount of paperwork. Many original records need to be kept permanently on file for legal reasons. But copies of certain records can be digitized or shredded. Old client information, case files, expired legal codes, tax documents, and some financial information may be suitable for shredding. Canceled and voided checks should be shredded. Doing so can free up a lot of space in a legal office.

Health Care Facilities

Shredding patients’ medical records isn’t just a good idea — it’s also regulated. Since health care documents contain a wealth of extremely sensitive information, their disposal is monitored by professional associations like HIPAA. After a certain amount of time (usually five years, at least), hospitals and clinics must destroy outdated patient information. Shredding is the most effective and secure means for document destruction.

Accounting Firms

Like banks, accounting firms have a lot of paperwork regarding their clients’ finances. A lot of the information that accountants keep contains more specific, detailed information than banks have — Social Security numbers, detailed ledgers, income statements, and more. Accounting and tax firms need to keep information on hand for a certain amount of time. But once that time is up, accountants need to destroy the things that they no longer need.


Educational institutions maintain documents on all of their students. All schools need to protect that information, but this is especially true for K-12 schools that minors attend. A school that effectively destroys data that they no longer need will enhance their good reputation — and likely frees up some badly needed storage space along the way!

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