It used to be that you only had to worry about destroying computer hard drives. However, nowadays, there are all kinds of devices that are virtually mobile computers.

They include laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Wiping them is not enough to ensure the protection of confidential data. If you want to be sure, you have to destroy them.

Maybe you think this is overkill. Remember what can happen should sensitive company data fall into the wrong hands.

Here are just a few good reasons to hire a Florida document shredding service. They can handle shredding devices, as well as document destruction.

1. SIMs Aren’t Everything

SIM cards are removable storage cards that contain user information. Yet, they aren’t the only part of a device that can store information.

Removing and destroying SIM cards can do a lot to clear data off a device. However, enough of it may remain for resourceful hackers to access other, more sensitive data.

It’s nearly impossible to remove every component of a device that could store data. You may not even know where to start. Properly shredding your devices, like document shredding, ensures that no data remains to be found.

2. You Can’t Trust a Factory Reset

A factory reset removes the vast majority of data stored on your devices. Nonetheless, it may not remove it all, or traces might remain. As a responsible business owner, you cannot rely on this option to keep your company data safe.

3. Don’t Discount Internal Threats

You may be tempted to wipe older devices so that you can turn them over to new employees. Still, don’t forget that internal threats can be just as dangerous as external ones.

If you value security, you’re better off destroying old devices. As a bonus, newer devices deliver the latest technology and security.

4. A Hammer Won’t Do It

When will people learn that taking a hammer to computer equipment isn’t the same as destroying data? Let the professionals shred your hard drives and devices. In doing so, every last shred is obliterated.

5. Legal Compliance is a Must

Data breaches destroy your credibility and relationships with clients. They also could result in lawsuits and penalties from the government and even regulatory bodies within your industry.

Whether you are legally required to shred your devices or not, you should make it a company policy. This will meet and exceed standards for protecting privacy.

Hiring a mobile document shredding service will help you avoid data breaches. Additionally, you will protect your clients from harm. It will save your company from legal trouble and worse.