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5 reasons why your Tampa business needs to hire a shredding service

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The Tampa business community is growing at an accelerated rate, especially in the fields of technology and healthcare. As a result, they’re attracting deeper customer bases and client rosters, accumulating more data while holding on to old or outdated information — which puts them at advanced risks for data breaches and identity theft.

While they may be tempted to handle data destruction on their own, it’s not the best idea. Here are five reasons why more Tampa businesses are turning to professional shredders to keep them and their customers safer.

Customer security. Personal information about your customers and clients is extremely sensitive. Thieves go after that data wherever they can: waste receptacles, copier-printers, and discarded electronic devices. Using company resources isn’t the surest method of destroying confidential information (especially if employees are secretly exploiting it). A professional shredder eliminates all traces of old data so your customers can rest easy.

More storage space. File cabinets, backrooms, storage closets, and other office spaces overflow with old documents that may have no relevance or use for your company now. Removing these mountains of past information clears up a sizable amount of shelf and cabinet space. A professional shredder vacates your storage area of old, irrelevant papers instantly — far sooner than your company’s office clerk can.

Thoroughness. Consumer-grade shredders found at office supply stores may be cheaper, and there’s a good reason for that. Most of them simply slice paper into strips that can easily be reconstructed. Even higher-end, cross-cut shredders produce waste that can still be pieced together. Store-bought shredders are slow, can only handle so many pages at a time, and break down with overuse. Commercial shredders are far more thorough.

Compliance. Legislatures, agencies, and professional organizations have standards for compliance with privacy laws. If your business is challenged about its shredding practices, simply saying “Yeah, we shred!” won’t be enough. Most regulators require a certificate to prove all shredding procedures are followed. Only a professional shredding company can issue that certificate, which can protect your company in a legal dispute.

Cost savings. The cost of a cheap, retail shredder extends way beyond the price tag. There’s lost productivity from workers who have to shred. There’s valuable office space that a shredder takes up. There are monthly maintenance costs for blade oil and shredder bags. And there’s the likelihood that you’ll have to buy a replacement shredder when your present one breaks down in a few years. For the security and effectiveness they provide, professional shredders are extremely cost-effective.

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