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5 Remote Workspace Tips to Get (and Stay) Organized in Orlando

A cartoon of an employee sitting a desk with two extremely tall stacks of paper. This image represents Remote Workspace Oraganization.

Buckling down, rolling up your sleeves, and tackling that messy office is what “Adult You” knows is best. But the kid in your heart dreads the time it will take. Here’s the secret: Once you get organized, staying organized is a lot easier!

1. Start Small

Financial guru Dave Ramsey talks a lot about the “debt snowball.” His advice is to start with the smallest debt and work towards the largest one. He likens this process to how a snowball starts small, but it becomes larger and larger as it rolls down a hill. 

This approach gives you small victories to look back on as you tackle bigger tasks. Start by taking care of the small items around your desk. Give them specific locations so that you don’t lose track of them. Your stapler, tape roll, pen jar, and anything you use constantly is easier to keep track of if you give them their own desk real estate.

2. Automate

This is the 21st century, and your computer can do more than ever. Reducing the number of decisions and tasks you have to perform frees up brainpower for other things. 

If you need to schedule meetings, place regular orders for supplies, send periodic emails to vendors or clients, programs can take these tedious tasks away from you. Google or Outlook calendars can set up recurring reminders, and task management software can even send messages and place orders on your behalf.

3. Schedule Time

Part of the problem with getting organized is that it doesn’t feel like there’s time. That’s why you have to make the time. Put it on your calendar as an uninterruptible chunk of your day. When you first schedule this organization time, spend a few minutes making a list of what you hope to accomplish and run by an office supply store in advance for any essential items.

4. Give Yourself Space

Clutter often happens because there isn’t enough space for all the stuff. It’s time to up your office space! Not in terms of square footage, but in terms of storage. Add a bookshelf or change to a larger one. Get a filing cabinet that has room for all your paperwork. If your desk is drawerless, change it out for one with more storage. You need more storage than stuff, not the other way around!

5. Throw it Away

It’s tempting to keep old documents or computers because “you never know when you might need them.” But you can scan documents, remember? Plus, your old computers are probably obsolete. If security is a concern, there are ways of disposing of these items without causing risk.

How ShredQuick Can Help

If your workspace is packed to the brim with documents you need to destroy or old computers with top-secret information, call ShredQuick. We’ll come to your home office or shared workspace with our shredder truck and help you responsibly eliminate your documents. We do all our shredding on-site, so you can witness every step of the process. Once we destroy your documents, we give you a Certificate of Destruction for your records. It’s that easy! Stay organized, and contact us today when you’re ready to shred.

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