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5 Signs It’s Time to Use a Shredding Service at Your Bradenton Business

A person placing a sheet of paper into a personal desk paper shredder. This image represents when to use a shredding service.

Business owners in Bradenton, FL, need to recognize that the information they have on hand can be used to harm their business and their customers. As such, they have a responsibility to recognize when they need a professional shredding service to handle their disposal needs.

These five signs will show you when it is time to make a call and stop taking risks by having stacks of information lying around in your office:

1. Your Business Handles Valuable Information

Some businesses handle information that has privileged protection under the law. Medical documents containing personal identifiable information must be correctly stored and disposed of under the stringent HIPAA guidelines.

If your business cannot handle the proper disposal of HIPAA data, then it is time to call in the pros to make sure that things are shredded and destroyed appropriately.

2. You Are Updating to Digital Storage

More and more businesses are making the switch to digital storage of their information. Once the data migration takes place, all of those papers left behind need to be destroyed…otherwise, they can easily fall into the wrong hands.

3. Staff Members Spend Significant Time Shredding

Do you find that your staff members are spending too much time shredding documents every week? Whether you lack the tools to efficiently shred documents or you simply have too much paper to get through, it may be a good idea to let a professional service handle things. You’ll get two benefits in one:  Time savings for your workers and secure shredding for the documents.

4. Your Bradenton Business Has Too Many Paper Records Around

If your file cabinets are overflowing with paperwork or you have boxes in the basement filled with records and receipts from past customer sales, you should start shredding. Remember, every stray paper with valuable information on it can be used against your business or customers.

5. Your Lack of Security Is Worrisome

No business owner wants to imagine that he or she might be a target for theft. What would happen if your business was robbed and documents were taken? If these things are a concern for you (and they should be), then it might be time to consider using a professional shredding service.

Secure Shredding in Bradenton, FL

Any business that meets the criteria listed above should seriously think about hiring a shredding service. A professional shredding company can save you time, put your mind at ease, and reduce the likelihood of a data breach occurring at your Bradenton, Ellenton and Palmetto business.

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