There’s a lot of hubbub in the media about individual identity theft. Yet, that’s not the whole picture. There are also plenty of businesses under attack from criminals.

They steal company information. Then, they use it to fraudulently gain access to funds in a variety of ways. This is all at the expense of the organization.

These criminals may find data through hacking. Another way they get the information is by dumpster diving for the remnants of in-house document shredding. Then, they piece confetti back together with sophisticated computer programs.

In either case, your company could be left holding the bag. Here are a few common warning signs of corporate identity theft. They are good indicators that you should up your cyber security, and hire a Florida document shredding service.

1. Missing Money

Perhaps, you frequently track your own accounts with online business banking. Maybe your company has an accounting department. Conversely, you might rely on a third-party bookkeeper and CPA to manage your accounts.

You may notice that figures aren’t adding up. Let’s say you start to notice large withdrawals or discrepancies that aren’t in your favor.

In that case, you need to lock down accounts until you get to the bottom of it. You need to determine whether identity theft is to blame.

2. Account Alerts

Many banks and creditors will now halt account activity and/or contact you if fraudulent activity is suspected due to unusual activity. These alerts should prompt you to monitor accounts and make sure activity is normal.

Such scares might also motivate you to change passwords and update security protocols. Now is the time to hire a reputable mobile document shredding service.

3. Bills for Unknown Purchases

Have you started receiving invoices for purchases you never made? Maybe you’ve acquired bills from creditors you don’t have accounts with.

Do not simply toss them in the bin for document destruction. Instead, investigate to find out why you’re receiving them. You might discover that a criminal is using your good name and credit to make purchases.

4. Collections Calls

Have you started receiving calls from collections companies even though you’re current on all of your accounts? This could be an indication that criminals are using your information to rack up debt in your name.

5. Tax Withholding Deficiency

Tax fraud has become a huge problem. It’s one that significantly affects businesses. Identity thieves can steal a company’s EIN (employer identification number). They will then use it to fraudulently report W-2 wages they never received.

The IRS pays out on tax returns that are filed early. Often, this is before finding the discrepancy between the wages a company reported and the wages attributed to W-2 forms. In such cases, they will come after businesses to make up the difference.