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5 Surprising Benefits of Recycling Your Computer in Naples

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Recycling a computer doesn’t just keep your Naples home or business from drowning in clutter. It’s also beneficial to society in many ways. Here are five of the most surprising things that happen when you recycle your computer.

Protect the Environment

Recycling a computer doesn’t just keep big components from cluttering up a landfill. It also keeps toxic substances away. Computers are manufactured using items like metal, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and other elements that cause harm to the environment. Recycling a computer significantly reduces the ecosystem presence of these toxins.

Reuse Resources

Some computer components can be reused without excessive reprocessing. Other elements can be “mined” for reuse in manufacturing. For example, gold in a motherboard can be melted down, extracted, and primed for use in a new product. Fully recycling a computer can result in more raw materials becoming available for reuse without waste and for less money. 

Help the Economy

Recycling utilizes fewer natural resources than new production. It uses less water, consumes less energy, and saves a lot of money. On a greater scale, if more people and companies recycle e-waste, then more recycling jobs are created. The National Institute of Health claims that landfill dumping only creates 6 jobs for every 10,000 pounds of waste. But recycling creates 30 more!

Improve Health

Toxic e-waste is incredibly harmful to many living species, including our own. When toxins get distributed through the air or water, they cause irreversible damage to organs like the kidney and the brain. Recycling your computer may seem like a small step, but it’s an important one to keep all of us healthy.

Keep Confidential Information Secure

Deleting and resetting a hard drive doesn’t remove all the data. Sensitive information can still be there, and hackers can still get to it. In proper computer recycling, old components are completely destroyed before they’re harvested for raw materials. Hackers couldn’t get any information from them if they tried. Your private information — as well as that of your employees and customers — will be safe and secure.

Naples’ All-In-One Solution for Recycling Computers

ShredQuick’s shredding service covers computer recycling. We use a thorough and effective destruction process to keep stray bits of information safe from breaches. Our recycling partners are certified sustainable, eco-friendly operators who reprocess digital waste responsibly. 

When it’s time for your Naples business or home to upgrade, contact ShredQuick to take care of your computer disposal needs.


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