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5 things your Bradenton business can do to improve information security

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Information is at the core of all business activity in Bradenton. Customer information, employee records, financial documents, and more are collected in mass quantities every day.  Especially when it comes to sensitive data that’s outdated or no longer useful, the omnipresence of information creates an exposure risk for companies of all sizes. This leaves them vulnerable to and liable for criminal acts found to originate from their offices.

There are many measures Bradenton companies can take to make their office information more secure. Here are five such guidelines.

Keep your private info safe. Every aspect of your business entails a lot of sensitive information: financial records, customer profiles, business strategies, insurance claims, and so forth. It only takes one stray piece of data for someone to commit identity theft, credit fraud, or embezzlement. Keep all this information under strict, monitored lock and key.

Use strong passwords. Hackers use dictionary-style tools that repeatedly try to log on to networks with familiar words or phrases. They also publish and share lists of the most frequently used passwords. That’s why your office should use long, complex passwords that mix upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters — and should create new ones every 90 days, or even sooner.

Set up a notification system for data breaches. Especially for companies with employees who are working from home, setting up an alarm system for data breaches can prevent data loss and security fees. They can help IT employees pinpoint where the breach is happening and take measures to stop it. You can also employ an outside company that specializes in network security to set up a notification system.

Organize your office. Keeping your desks and public areas tidy and clean makes for a more efficient office — and it’s a wise course to support office security. Piles of papers left on display hold troves of private data, and it doesn’t make sense to leave them exposed where any prospective identity thief can pick them up. Make it a point to keep your office as clutter-free and functional as possible.

Take extreme care of confidential, outdated information. Your company archives likely hold a wealth of old information that’s of no use to your operations anymore. But this old data presents an opportunity for would-be criminals. If authorities trace an act of thievery back to your office, you could face legal consequences. Institute a policy for eliminating customer data you no longer need.

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