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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paper Shredding Schedule for Your Naples Business

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Many companies find that stacks of paper records can pile up quickly. In the hustle and bustle during business hours, the task of shredding can easily fall to the wayside.

That’s why a paper shredding schedule is a valuable asset. Scheduling this task allows sensitive information to be destroyed regularly with minimal disruption to daily operations. This saves valuable time so you can focus on more pressing business matters.

How Often Should You Shred?

Choosing a shredding schedule should revolve around one key point: the schedule must fit your company’s needs. 

Here are five tips to help you select the proper paper shredding schedule for your business:

1. Know What to Shred and When to Shred It

Different documents should be kept for various lengths of time. For example, Items that can be shred immediately include ATM receipts, credit and insurance offers, and paid billing statements. In contrast, you should keep tax-related receipts and tax deduction records for seven years.

2. Consider Time Currently Spent on Shredding

If your staff is spending time every day at the little office paper shredding machine, a routine schedule is going to be a great boon. Even just a few minutes a day spent shredding add up. That’s a lot of time away from their primary jobs. A weekly shred session may be in order. 

3. Think Ahead

If your company rearranges the entire office, purges file cabinets, or moves to a new location, shredding on a more frequent schedule until the paper piles die down will keep clutter to a minimum and productivity at a maximum during reorganization. 

4. Look at Your Space

Take a gander at your workspace. If your floor space is full of bins brimming with documents, records, and other paper (and potentially sensitive) materials, you might want to consider a shredding schedule with frequent pick-ups. More frequent shredding means smaller and fewer containers taking up valuable square footage.

5. Shred for Your Size

Generally, the bigger the business, the more shredding it needs. Do you have five employees or one hundred? Does your business heavily rely on paper, or does it use more digital storage? Simply put, companies that use more paper will need more shredding.

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