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5 Types of Naples Businesses that Are Most At-Risk for Data Breaches

A padlock locked through a stack of papers. This image represents data breaches.When it comes to security within businesses, there are lots of different factors to consider. Whether it be cybersecurity, inadequate technology, personnel, or even physical safety, you want to be on the lookout. Understandably, businesses that keep track of clients’ personal information are most at risk for data breaches.

Here are five business types that tend to be at the highest risk for data breaches.

1. Healthcare

Due to the nature of their work, businesses in the healthcare sector have to collect lots of sensitive data. The personal information found in healthcare documents can allow criminals to access medical programs or pricey prescription medications. Additionally, it puts important client information like Social Security numbers, home addresses, and income information at risk.

2. Accommodation

The hotel industry is expanding. Non-traditional accommodation sites that allow people to rent their own spaces are growing. While these businesses provide convenience, accommodation businesses can become particularly vulnerable to data breaches. 

In this industry, credit card numbers and passport information float around freely on sensitive documents. On top of this, there is often a lack of vigilant security measures put in place. Unfortunately, most hotel data breaches are not identified until a police investigation is already underway.

3. Education

Schools can be particularly susceptible to data breaches. Lower and middle schools tend to use old equipment and old filing systems. This leaves both the student’s and guardian’s information – including home addresses – with little more protection than a folder. Even universities can fall prey to data breaches. Most university budgets go toward new student acquisition instead of internal security.

4. Retail

Where there is shopping, there are lots of credit card numbers. Retail businesses that don’t respect the protection of their customer’s payment information are at a major risk of a data breach – especially smaller businesses that do not have the funds for high-tech or paperless security.

5. Finance

Financial institutions are at risk for obvious reasons – that’s where the money is. Criminals and hackers have come up with a plethora of ways to attack customer information (most often credit card numbers and Social Security numbers). They can come from any angle, whether it’s a breach when it comes to physical documents or through phishing campaigns and credit card scanners.

Protect Your Business from Vulnerability

Don’t let your business become a target. Maintain the trust of your customers by ensuring that their information is under lock and key. One of the best ways to protect client information is to ensure it’s gone for good and not hanging around for anyone to take out of a nearby dumpster or trash bin.

ShredQuick provides the physical data protection you need when it comes to discarding sensitive documents. From budgets to business plans and correspondence, we can handle it all. Our shredders make it impossible for data to be recovered, which ensures your complete protection. 

When you use one of our ShredQuick services, you will clear up space in your office, keep your clients and employees safe, and know that your used paper is going to be recycled to help our planet.  Call us today to discuss how ShredQuick can assist you!

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