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5 Ways Ft. Myers Companies Use External Hard Drives

Three external hard drives of different sizes lined up on a white background.

Everyone is used to having a thumb drive these days. It’s hard to remember a time when we considered low-density floppy disks as the standard method of storing our files! USB external drives have space that would shock our past selves. 512 GB (gigabyte) drives that can store thousands of images or videos yet fit in a pocket are no longer the realm of science fiction. 

As for external hard drives, the storage density has increased even more dramatically. In a device smaller than a paperback, storage sizes as large as 5 TB (terabyte) aren’t uncommon! To put that in perspective, computer hard drives were measured in megabytes in the 1990s, and it would take thousands of these drives to equal the storage capacity of today’s smallest drives. So how are companies maximizing the portability and storage space of external hard drives?

Extra Space

This is the most obvious use, of course. External hard drives are much cheaper than buying new computers or going to the effort of installing new internal drives. For less than $100, a computer’s storage space can be doubled or tripled just by adding an external hard drive.

Data Sharing

Let’s say two employees need to share files regarding a project. Rather than burning dozens of CDs, taking hours uploading files to a cloud server, or sharing a single computer, an external hard drive allows them to simply hand the other a device that contains every pertinent file. 

As long as their computers can recognize the drive in the same location every time, programs like Photoshop will pull the correct files immediately upon opening sessions. 

Automatic Backups

Setting an external drive to automatically backup your files takes the stress away from you. It’s one less thing you have to worry about! Programs can even let you set up which files get backed up and when, allowing you to tailor your backups to suit allotted drive space or project frequency.

Risk Management

Computers break. Internal drives fail. It happens! You can mitigate your risk by using an external drive as your main drive. That way, if your drive should fail, it’s cheaper and easier to repair the external drive rather than an internal one. Plus, it saves wear and tear on your internal drive if you need to use it.


Keeping files secure is always a challenge. But if all your secure files are stored on an external drive, keeping the data safe is as simple as removing the drive and putting it in a locked cabinet or other safe location. Plus, if the data on the drive needs to be destroyed, the drive can be easily shredded to keep sensitive information safe!

Protect Your Data With ShredQuick

Once those full drives need to be discarded, don’t throw them in the trash where thieves can steal your precious information. Call ShredQuick! 

We’ll erase the drives, shred them, and give you a Certificate of Destruction for ultimate peace of mind. External drives can give you extra security. For maximum security, trust ShredQuick to destroy your hard drives.

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