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5 Ways to Reassure Your Bradenton Clients Their Data Is Secure

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Data security is on most minds these days, especially if you’re a business owner. Many administrators worry about their clients’ information—how to protect it and keep it out of the wrong hands. Not only would a data breach ruin your company’s reputation and break trust with your clients, but the average data breach costs $7 million.

Be Upfront About How You Use Clients’ Data

What information is available to you and how do you use it? What protocols do you have in place to protect their data? Be transparent about your business and the data you use to create trust with your customers. Is there a paper trail? Is their data in digital form? Or paper?

Protect Data Using a Strong Arsenal

Stronger encryption, updating SSL certificates, impenetrable passwords, and multi-factor authentication offer the best protection. While these practices may be hard to understand by the average person, it’s up to you to use language in plain terms, so they know how their data is used and protected. If data is on paper, you may want to opt for digital. 

Offer an Opt-Out Option

People have a lot of access to personal information via websites and apps. Users feel reassured when they have an option to opt out of leaving sensitive information. If you want to give them more assurance, consider FAQs page addressing security concerns.

Demonstrate Security Measures to Clients

Have security audits performed by accredited organizations and then be transparent about them with your customers. Putting stiffer measures on pre-employment checks for employees, also demonstrates tighter security of their data.  

Use a Reputable Shredding Company 

You can reassure your clients that you are keeping their data secure by hiring a reputable shredding company to dispose of data once you no longer need it. 

ShredQuick will safely and securely dispose of your company’s paper documents and hard drives. We follow the necessary protocols to keep your business compliant and will guide you on security laws and legislation. Our reputation can speak for itself, and we invite you to check our online reviews.  

ShredQuick Can Help

Providing data security reassurance to your clients will help maintain your reputation and trust among your clientele. Help us help your customers! 

We make security our priority and explain our destruction process, new hire checks, and security protocols before you sign up. ShredQuick provides every client with a Certificate of Destruction to guarantee documents were destroyed.

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