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5 Ways to Reduce E-Waste in Your Home

There are so many useful features in electronic devices these days. You can call and send text messages, surf the web, stream audio and video, and chat face-to-face in real time with friends and colleagues – all from your phone, tablet, or computer.

However, did you know that electronics create a huge hazard to the environment when they’re improperly disposed of? Electronic devices are often made with toxic metals that can negatively affect soil, animals, and plant life. Let’s take a look at five of the best ways to do your part and reduce e-waste in your own home.

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1. Sell or Donate Your Old Electronics

Instead of simply throwing your old electronics in the trash, consider selling them or donating them to someone in need. Even if the device no longer works, you could sell it for parts or donate it to someone who has the know-how to get it working again.

2. Learn How to Recycle e-Waste

Improperly disposed of electronics can be dangerous to local biomes. Many major tech companies like Samsung and Apple provide customers with the option to send their old devices back for recycling. If you can’t do this with your item, you can find local electronic recycling centers that will properly dispose of your device.

3. Keep Your Devices Properly Maintained

When you take great care of your electronic devices, you’re much less likely to need to dispose of them and replace them at regular intervals. Properly maintained smartphones, computers, tablets, and smartwatches can last for many years without issues.

4. Store Your Data Online

Storing your data online takes away the need for a physical data storage device like an external hard drive. Plus, it’s even easier to access your data from any device.  

5. Re-Evaluate Your Buying Choices

Many of us are in the habit of buying the next new smartphone or laptop as soon as it’s released. However, this cycle leads to an unnecessary amount of e-waste. Before purchasing a new electronic device, think twice about whether or not you really need it and whether it will add value to your life or not. Often, you’ll find that the devices you already have are more than satisfactory.

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