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5 Ways Your Tampa Business Can Reduce Office Clutter

A messy desk with loose files, supplies, books, and more.
It’s easy to accumulate clutter in your workspace. Not only does that make for a messy office, but research shows that clutter can affect your company’s productivity, which could affect profits. The smaller the office, the worse the problem usually is. But did you know that decluttering your office is pretty simple? 

Here are five ways you can cut your office clutter in half. 

1. Go Digital

When you digitize all your invoices, receipts, and other paper documents, you free up quite a bit of space. Not only will you clear the areas where those papers were, but you can get rid of large filing cabinets that take up a lot of space in the office.

 If you are preparing to go digital, be sure to back up your files first!

2. Shred Paper and Disks You No Longer Need

Don’t just throw out those paper files, mail, or old disks. By doing that, you put your business and client’s information at risk for data and identity theft. You should shred any documents or disks that are not needed immediately to ensure data protection.

Thieves will search the trash for any information they can use to obtain information and use it. That could be harmful to your business and your clients. Use a company like ShredQuick to safely dispose of sensitive documents and drives.  

3. Reduce Printer Usage

If you don’t print recklessly, you’ll reduce a lot of clutter. So consider working online as much as possible. If you need to print, you should print documents double-sided to minimize the amount of paper you use. You can also utilize online bulletin boards to make announcements to your employees instead of printing flyers and posters. 

4. Eliminate Mail as Much as Possible

You can probably view most of your mail online or digitally. Bank statements, newspaper articles, credit card statements, and the like are mostly digital nowadays. Think about other paperless options. 

But for any physical mail you receive and need to throw away, be sure to shred it first. Set aside a time every day to go through the mail and sort it, especially if your office receives a lot of mail. 

5. Recycle

This step will help you get rid of clutter. Plus, we should all try to reduce our carbon footprints and help lessen the strain on our natural resources, right? 

If you look around your office, you will probably see old ink cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, and other items you no longer use that you could recycle or donate. Be careful with documents! If you want to recycle old paperwork or mail, be sure to have it shred first. Awesome shredding services like ShredQuick will shred your documents and recycle them. 

Take advantage of these five simple steps, and you will be closer to a clutter-free office, better productivity, more profits, and less risk and worry about data and identity theft.

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