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5 Work-from-Home Jobs in St. Petersburg that Should Always Use Secure Shredding Services

The back of a person working at a home office computer desk. This image represents working from home.Work-from-home procedures have become the way of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, ensuring that your at-home documents are disposed of correctly is still incredibly important. Here are the top five work-from-home jobs that should always use secure shredding services.

1. Part-Time Work-from-Home Jobs

For people that are constantly in and out of the office, it can become a habit to tote sensitive documents back and forth. Keeping a separate stack of documents that need to be shredded can get complicated and messy. Without proper storage or a safe place for this sensitive information, it can be easy to dispose of papers without shredding them first. This leaves your company and clients at risk.

Even if employees work from home, companies are still held to strict confidentiality agreements. The best way to ensure that sensitive documents are disposed of correctly is to use a secure shredding service.

2. Work-from-Home Lawyers

Work-from-home lawyers have a lot on their plate, and that includes loads and loads of files. It can be easy to let confidential information pile up in a personal library or office space. Papers that are years old are often tucked away in storage bins. However, those papers contain confidential information about your client and cases. 

When it comes to documents that need to be disposed of, going with a reliable shredding service can guarantee complete destruction.

3. Computer Programmers

Creating the programs that help businesses run – especially in the healthcare field – requires programmers to access a lot of personal information. For programmers in a work-from-home setting, maintaining security while working on these systems is incredibly important. However, deleting information from a hard drive does not mean that it is 100% safe from hackers. When the time comes, shredding the hard drive of a computer is the best means of security.

ShredQuick also offers laptop and computer shredding services to let tech-heavy work-from-homers avoid the major environmental fines associated with throwing away electronics.

4. Startup Owners

Starting a small business is incredibly exciting. However, a small startup often comes with a small budget. Without much money to devote to data security, employee and customer records can be placed in jeopardy. 

Don’t put your budding business’ reputation at risk. Using a cost-effective shredding service can help you to set your business up for success and protect all kinds of data, from your business plans to customer addresses.

5. At-Home Healthcare Workers

The work-from-home life has taken root in the healthcare industry. For phone triage nurses, medical transcriptionists, patient care advocates, case managers, legal nurse consultants, and more, confidential information is part of the daily work routine. In these positions, having a trusted shredding service is important when it comes to customer safety and HIPPA regulations.

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