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7 Types of Documents Bradenton Homeowners Should Always Securely Shred

A close up of a messy stack of documents. This images represents Documents that Homeowners should shred.

Most people don’t consider document shredding a service they should use if they aren’t business owners. However, the reality is that any document containing sensitive information is at risk of being stolen if the papers aren’t destroyed. When it comes to protecting your private data, you need to do everything you can to ensure your information isn’t stolen and sold or used without your knowledge. 

Here are 7 types of documents you should shred when it’s time to dispose of them: 

Medical Papers and Insurance Information

Any documentation with detailed information about your medical history and insurance should be securely shredded. This is privileged information, so you must ensure no one has this information without your consent.

Expired Passports and Visas

Visas and passports contain your name, address, travel history, and citizenship status. As with medical papers, this information is yours to give out at your discretion, so shredding these documents will keep others from gaining this information.

Documents with Your Social Security Number

Others can use any document containing your Social Security number to commit fraud under your name. Untangling identity theft can take months, if not years, to resolve. Shredding your documents can keep bad actors from stealing your identity. 

Investment Documents

Information about your finances and investment portfolios must be destroyed if not kept in a secure location. Any data that could be used to gain access to or manipulate your accounts can typically be found on these documents. 

Legal Documents

Paperwork pertaining to a legal case usually has a large amount of sensitive, personal data reported within it. If your legal situation is a matter you want to keep private, or the case requires discretion, you’ll want to shred any documents you no longer need.

Credit Reports

A credit report will contain information about your credit status, as well as certain identifying information. It’s possible your identity could be stolen from the information included in these papers, so shredding them is the best way to keep your credit information secure. 

Pre-Approved Credit Card Applications

If you receive a pre-approved card application and put it in the trash, someone can retrieve it and open a credit card in your name. If you don’t intend to take advantage of credit card options that come to you in the mail, make sure to destroy them.  

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