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8 Pieces of Personally Identifiable Information You Should Protect in Tampa

A laptop sitting on a small side table. The laptop screen shows a padlock icon and the words "secured" This image represents Personally Identifiable Information.
Today, more of your personally identifiable information is out there than ever before, especially in a business hub like Tampa. Of course, all of your online accounts like social media, banks, and shopping accounts are collecting data. But you also still have a lot of paper documents with personally identifiable information you should protect. 

Here are eight pieces of personally identifiable information you should protect in Tampa.

1. Resumes and Other Hiring Documents

Resumes contain important personal information like your email, phone number, and address. Further, many people use school names for passwords, so your education history can give away more than you think.

2. Utility Bills

While utility bills may seem like they don’t have a lot of your information, a utility bill with your name, address, and energy habits can get a criminal farther than you think.

3. Medical Records

Medical records contain very personal and sensitive information that could be used against you if found in the wrong hands.

4. Pay Stubs

Most of us don’t pay much attention to anything on our paystubs except the final dollar amount. But if you look closely, all of the information a criminal would need to steal your identity is there. Further, pay stubs are super recognizable in a stack of unshredded paper.

5. Your Child’s School and Medical Information

While we mostly think of identity theft as a crime committed against adults, child identity theft cases are on the rise. Criminals know there is less attention on children’s accounts, so they are less likely to get caught. Worst of all, if your child’s identity has been stolen, you may not know until it is too late.

6. Credit Card Statements

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people simply throw their credit card statements out without shredding. You certainly don’t want a document with your name, banking information, and transaction records out there. 

7. Tax Returns

Tax returns are a criminal’s dream. They contain all the required information to take over someone’s identity. After you make a copy for your records, make sure to shred your tax returns.

8. W2s

W2 forms contain personal information you should keep between you and your employer. Some businesses even have policies around how you should properly store and dispose of your W2 as an employee.

Use Professional Shredding 

If you have records or documents that you need to get rid of safely, call ShredQuick. We have the highest security rating available (“AAA Certified”) by the National Association for Information Destruction, and we can provide one-time shredding or routine shredding for residents and businesses. 


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