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A Guide to Disposing of Confidential Records in Ft. Myers

Two people sitting on a couch going through lots of papers. This photo represents Confidential Record Disposal.

If a business or organization fails to take the proper precautions while disposing of confidential documents, those records can easily get into the wrong hands. You can’t just dump sensitive data into the nearest shredder or recycling bin when it’s time to get rid of it. 

This guide will show you how to properly dispose of sensitive documents in Ft. Myers. 

Physical Documents

Gathering and safely discarding confidential documents is the first step. Your business should have a document storage schedule in place that specifies when sensitive material must be disposed of. 

Set days during the year for all workers to gather the confidential records they are responsible for that are ready to be thrown out. Using the services of a professional shredding business will let you properly and safely eliminate your files. 

You’ll need to perform some preliminary research on your shredding company to make sure they’re trustworthy and have an NAID AAA Certification. On-site and off-site shredding are two frequent types of document destruction you should have access to once you’ve found a respectable shredding provider.

Digital Files 

With so much of the world being digital now, you have to have a plan in place if you wish to destroy digital records. Whether you want to get rid of bank statements for your family or run a company, the approach is the same for physical documents. 

Shredding firms offer material destruction services that demolish your laptops, hard drives, CDs, and DVDs beyond repair. This is an excellent option for companies that keep most of their records digitally. Knowing how to properly dispose of confidential data will help keep your office a safe and secure place to work. 

The same is true for individuals wanting to dispose of personal confidential files. There’s no denying that hackers and other hostile parties can easily get access to sensitive data, whether digital or physical, but adopting these precautions can help you avoid this occurring in your life.

Call the Experts

ShredQuick has everything you need to say goodbye to any confidential records in Ft. Myers. Allow one of the best shredding providers to safely and securely destroy your papers, hard drives, and outdated technology. 

We’ll carefully get rid of sensitive papers and data, then provide a certificate of destruction for your items. Get a free quote for your Ft. Myers company by contacting us at your convenience.

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