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A Shred-All Policy: The Best Way to Protect Your Data

Today, technology marches along at lightning speed. Also, exciting new gadgets and conveniences are introduced. Of course, these devices make our personal and workday lives easier, efficient, and entertaining.

However, we put lots of trust in electronic vaults for private and sensitive information. Truthfully, the data is not mishandled or left unsecured. In fact, America’s Data Protection and Privacy Law has specific requirements.

Businesses must secure the storage and/or destruction of private information. This applies to both customers and individuals. After all, failure to comply can lead to significant fines. Plus, you can suffer long-term negative consequences.

That said, consider a thorough and efficient shredding policy. It’s critical to remain compliant. Also, it ensures the safeguarding of information.

Shred It All

There’s one way to avoid potential legal issues and maintain the confidentiality of information. It’s to adopt a shred-all policy. To begin, any document that is expired or at the end of its useful life is sent to the shredder.

Actually, Shred-All is a convenient method. It keeps you in check with federal and local laws. Thus, it keeps the threat of liability at bay. Additionally, create a regular schedule for document shredding. In doing so, you’ll minimize the risk of missing important documents.

It’s important to understand something about disposal. In reality, the little shredding machine in the corner won’t do the job. Accordingly, there’s only one reliable means of protecting sensitive Florida information. It is through a professional shredding service.

Why Choose A Shred-All Policy

Of course, there’s a looming presence of federal law. Hence, making an honest mistake is not an option. Really, even minor errors can result in complex and debilitating issues. It’s important to understand the results of manual document shredding or other destruction. In fact, it leaves room for error, data loss, or breach.

Compliance Is Key

Naturally, a business of any size deals with lots of paperwork. Accordingly, it’s all subject to laws such as HIPAA, FACTA, and the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act. Be aware, actions leveraged against your business can be severe. Plus, they have the potential to ruin your company’s reputation or end it altogether.

Therefore, adequately train your staff about compliance and document security. It’s paramount to business success. Certainly, don’t take document shredding lightly. Instead, keep all staff aware of its importance to the company.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Now, you understand obvious regulatory details. Truthfully, professional document shredding and subsequent recycling are easy on the environment. Additionally, they go a long way in promoting an eco-friendly reputation. 

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