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Active Archiving in Bradenton: A New Approach to Storing Data

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Data continues to grow at high rates across the globe. It is estimated that unstructured data will represent over 90% of data within the next few years. Appropriately storing data has become a critical requirement to abide by strict regulations and compliance standards. 

Safely storing data over long periods requires methods that can organize data so that it’s accessible, retrievable, and intelligently retained. Active archiving methods make this all possible. It’s an intelligent and cost-effective way to manage unstructured data that will be used and mined for benefit. 

Active archiving is a new approach to storing data that allows archived data to remain useful to a company. While older methods were used as simply long-term repositories of data, this method makes it possible to manage and access data quickly. 

We’ve written this article to help you understand why active archiving in Bradenton is a better option than other methods. 

What Is Active Archiving?

Active archiving is a new approach to storing and retrieving data. Fixed content data that still serves important business functions can be moved from active data pools to an active archive disk pool of storage through this method. 

Simply put, active archiving is a tiered storage approach that allows IT systems or human users to access data through a unified file system. This file system automatically retrieves and places data on the appropriate storage tier.

The original way of archiving was to remove production data that was no longer useful and place it on another piece of storage media. This method of archiving was completed with the belief that the data did not require further use. It is referred to as “deep archiving.” Restoring data stored in this way is a time-consuming process. 

The main difference between a deep archive and an active archive is that the use of active archiving allows a user to easily access stored data. 

Active Archiving in Bradenton 

Active archiving methods optimize data storage by using the most appropriate media type. It reduces the time necessary to retrieve critical data and ensures data can be stored cost-effectively. 

Active archiving benefits companies by consolidating multiple storage systems into a unified file system. This method will eliminate the need to manually migrate data between one or several storage systems. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our IT services or about active archiving storage solutions in Bradenton, contact the team at ShredQuick today! 

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