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Going “green” is a phrase that many business owners have adopted in recent years. Consider an office setting. Going green means a business is doing its part in helping the environment.

In reality, many businesses begin their green ventures by implementing office recycling. Think about the rise in popularity of green initiatives, especially recycling.

Understandably, many office managers have questions about starting the process. Thus, here are a few common questions and answers about office recycling:

How does an office recycling service work?

First, it is important that your employees understand something. It’s the requirements to implement a successful office recycling program.

In essence, each employee should save acceptable paper types. Therefore, check with your local recycling center.

In doing so, you’ll learn which kinds of paper they allowed for recycling. Some do accept documents that have undergone document shredding.

However, it is best to double-check. Therefore, don’t throw them in the trash. Instead, dispose of them in an office-provided recycling container.

In most office recycling programs, maintenance staff then empties the containers. Finally, insured specialists pick up the collected recyclables.

Is there a kind of paper I should not recycle?

While it varies, there are certain kinds of paper is never accepted. This includes photographs, blueprints, carbon paper, and thermal fax paper.

Can I recycle old electronic devices?

Yes! However, it’s best to employ the services of a document destruction company. They will dispose of electronic devices.

Thus, use a mobile document shredding company. Consider Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick. They come to you.

Then, they collect your devices. In reality, it’s the safest way to dispose of things like hard drives.

Can food wrappers be recycled?

No, they cannot. That’s because cups, plates, and wrappers contain food waste. This, in turn, attracts insects and rodents before your recyclables are picked up.

Additionally, cardboard can be recycled. However, pizza boxes cannot. That’s due to the oils and food particles remaining on the box.

How is the paper recycled?

It is baled. Then, it’s shipped to a local recycling mill. Next, it’s pulped. Finally, it’s used to create various items for consumers and businesses.

Starting an office recycling program is a great idea for numerous reasons. Truthfully, it benefits your bottom line. Plus, you are doing your part protecting the environment.

Also, it promotes environmentally-friendly practices. In doing so, your employees will adopt it in both their professional lives and personal lives.