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Are Naples Community Shredding Events Safe?

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For businesses and even homeowners, shredding documents is one of the best ways to protect personal or sensitive information. However, not every person or company has consistent access to a shredder or even a document shredding service. In situations like these, a community shredding event could be a good solution.   

What Is a Community Shredding Event? 

A community shredding event is exactly what its name suggests—a neighborhood event for mass document shredding. Typically, there are one or more industrial-sized shredders present. These shredders can slice and dice paper in bulk. 

However, most shredding events will have a set limit on the number of papers and documents a person can shred. Therefore, the volume will vary as well as the cost. Also, some events are free, while others may charge a small fee. 

Are Community Shredding Events Safe?

People and businesses shred documents because it ensures that any sensitive information is disposed of correctly and without any risk of that information being found or used. In general, community shredding events are safe. 

The town or city department typically hosts them with the help of a professional shredding service. Most professional shredding businesses have safeguards and other processes to ensure documents are properly destroyed and disposed of. At some events, one can watch their documents be shredded.  

To ensure the safety and protection of your personal or sensitive information at an event, you should never leave your documents or allow the event officials to leave your documents unattended. Remember that a thief likely deems this event the perfect place to find all kinds of sensitive information ideal for identity fraud. If your papers do sit somewhere ignored, a thief could have a field day.

Be sure to either hold onto your documents or leave them under the consistent supervision of an event volunteer. Also, you should never leave a community shredding event if your documents have not been secured in a locked container or shredded on the spot. 

Shred Safely in Bulk with ShredQuick

Overall, community shredding events are relatively safe. However, community shredding events have their limits. For example, they are not ideal for a business with boxes of sensitive documents or hard drives that need destroying. In cases like these, it is better to contact a professional shredding service like ShredQuick.

ShredQuick safely shreds and disposes of documents and more, and we do it on your job or home office site, so you can watch the whole process and ensure that your sensitive documents won’t get into the wrong hands.

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