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Are Sarasota Companies Legally Required to Provide Pay Stubs?

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Trying to figure out whether you must provide pay stubs to your employees in Sarasota, FL? You’ve come to the right place.

First and foremost, no federal law requires you to provide pay stubs to your employees. However, certain states have their own rules on the matter. 

So what about Florida? Here are some insights.

Florida Laws Regarding Pay Stubs

Florida state laws do not require you to provide pay stubs to your employees whenever they get paid. This applies to both paper stubs and electronic stubs. So technically, you don’t have to do it, but there is more to it.

What If Your Employees Request Them?

If an employee asks you to provide them with their pay stub, then you must do so. In fact, as a Florida employer, you must always act in good faith and provide those documents to your employees promptly once they submit a written request.

What Must Be Included in the Pay Stub?

Pay stubs requested by your employees must include:

  • Employee information
  • Dates of the pay period
  • Pay rate
  • Gross earnings before deduction
  • Taxes withheld
  • Employee contribution
  • Deductions

Your employees may need their pay stubs to verify their income when applying for loans and properly file their taxes.

How Long Are You Supposed to Keep Records of Paystubs?

As a Florida employer, you must keep your employee’s pay stubs for at least three years after their last day of work. The Florida Accounting Information Resource (FAIR) is an accounting system that holds Florida employers accountable for keeping proper records in compliance with federal and state laws.

What Should I Do Past the Three-Year Mark?

After three years have passed since your employee’s last day of work, you can get rid of all paper records. You need to safely dispose of those documents, as they contain confidential information that could be used for identity theft. 

In most cases, employers can be held liable to employees for personal data leaks or breaches. Failure to protect that data could be financially damaging to your company.

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