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Often, implementing a recycling program in an office setting is tricky. Naturally, your employees want to engage in environmentally-friendly practices.

Yet, sometimes, it is difficult to get employees into the habit of recycling. Perhaps, one is accustomed to a certain routine.

Thus, it is challenging to break it. This is the case even if the routine is replaced by healthier habits.

There is a great way to get your employees excited about a new recycling program. It is by creating an office recycling competition.

Benefits of a Recycling Competition

Healthy competition creates results. In reality, employees are happier when they are having fun. This, in turn, increases overall productivity in the workplace.

First, ensure your recycling competition is effective. This is done by dividing employees up into teams.

Actually, this makes the competition more enjoyable. Plus, it improves how your employees work together overall.

In fact, a recycling competition helps turn recycling into a habit. Sometimes, an incentive turns a short-term goal into a long-term habit.

Therefore, provide incentives like giving the winning team an early release from work. In doing so, it helps associate recycling with tangible benefits.

Recycling Competition Tips

Of course, the completion needs to be effective. Thus, it is important to organize the competition in a certain way. In doing so, you will reap the aforementioned benefits.

Here are some tips to do so:

Use Real-World Examples

Do not focus on the weight of the paper. Instead, use examples like the number of trees being saved.

Make it a Visible Problem

People must be able to see the problem. Otherwise, it is difficult to resonate. Therefore, create signage. Show what happens when you do not recycle certain materials.

These include animals affected, recycling plant workers sifting through and disposing of items that are not recyclable, etc. In doing so, it is easier for employees to understand why you are implementing this program.

Keep the Competition at the Forefront

Yes, the competition is for the environment. However, keep the competition as the main motivator.

Thus, create a visual display of the leading team. Hence, employees are constantly reminded of and motivated by the competition.

Educate Your Employees

Recycling is different from document destruction. Consider a mobile document shredding company.

The Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick is a great example. They have the ability to recycle certain electronic devices.

That’s in addition to their document shredding services. Truthfully, recycling as a whole is different than document shredding. Also, it is not necessarily a form of document destruction.