Every business deals with legal documents. These include permits and licenses, contracts with partners, vendors, and employees, just for example. Generally speaking, you’ll want to hang onto original copies of legal documents.

Do so just in case you ever need them for proof in court cases. However, it’s also in your best interest to create electronic copies for your records. Scanning services can help you.

Here are some benefits you’ll gain in the process.


In most business scenarios, redundancies are seen as a waste. When it comes to certain documents, however, it’s wise to have redundancies in place. This is true for legal documents.

It’s always a good idea to keep original, signed hard copies of legal documents. However, having a backup in digital format ensures that you always have a copy.

That is even the case if something occurs to damage the original. Suppose you suffer a fire, flood, or another disaster in your business that wipes out your paper documents.

In this case, you’ll be glad you backed up all of your documents electronically, not just the old records you sent out for document destruction.

More Than Scanning

A document shredding service that scans your hard copies to digital files before destroying them offers a lot more than just scanning. They offer security.

You may not shred your legal or tax documents as you do other records once they have been scanned. Thus, your shredding service will provide you with a variety of protections.

First and foremost, your Florida document shredding company will provide you with locking bins for documents slated for shredding.

By doing so, it ensures that employees who shouldn’t have access to confidential documents aren’t able to retrieve them from the shred pile. In addition, you can watch as your documents are shredded on-site.

Your mobile document shredding service observes the highest standards for shredding. This includes going above and beyond legal requirements.

These are set forth by federal, state, local, and industry-related privacy laws. This makes certain that you’re always in compliance with applicable laws.

Finally, document remains are removed from your location and taken to a secure recycling facility. That is because there is no chance of thieves getting their hands on the shreds.

Perhaps you’re merely doing away with documents that contain confidential data. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to shred legal documents that have been digitized.

In either case, your scanning and shredding service can be sure that you comply with privacy laws. Your documents are now secured every step of the way.