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Best Practices for Securing Old Devices in Orlando

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Businesses in Orlando upgrade computer equipment as technology evolves. That means getting rid of old devices, along with all of their bits of leftover data. When that happens, there are a few standard procedures that can improve the process — and also keep your information secure.

Develop a Plan (and Stick to It)

Your business has outlined plans for sales, marketing, PR, and operations —  why not have one for data security? Make a detailed plan for decommissioning equipment, tracking old devices, transporting materials, and verifying data destruction. Put the process in the form of a checklist to ensure that every step gets followed.

Maintain a Regular Destruction Schedule

Part of your plan should address when to destroy data. Regularly scheduled shredding — weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly — can keep your office oriented in the process. Shredding should be scheduled as far apart as needed to maintain normal business operations, but not so long that disposed items keep piling up in the office.

Understand Data Protection Regulations

Document retention is governed by legislation and association rules that may apply to your business. The Fair Labor Standards Act, the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act all address the ways that certain businesses must deal with old data. Even the IRS and OSHA have guidelines about old documentation, and your local or state government may have some, as well. Find out what you need to do to comply.

Keep Complete Records

Whoever oversees your data security process should keep meticulous, written records. They should cover every piece of equipment or documentation that gets destroyed. These records should address the data and time of destruction, along with how the equipment was transported to the shredding site.

Get Data Destruction Certified

When you shred documents on your own, there’s no tangible proof that you did — aside from your word or that of your employees. No matter how honest and forthright you may be, that word won’t be enough if you need to submit legal proof of document destruction. Professional shredding companies always issue certification that shows that all of your documents and data have been destroyed properly. This can give you considerable legal protection.

ShredQuick:  Orlando’s Plan for Secure Data Destruction

ShredQuick takes every step necessary to keep the data of our Orlando customers safe and secure. We’re thorough, detail-oriented, and eco-friendly. We’ll also officially certify your data destruction after we’ve finished. For more information on the ways that ShredQuick can keep your devices and data safe and secure, contact us today.

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