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September is approaching. Thus, it’s back to school time for students from elementary age to college. Maybe, one of those students is part of your family. Perhaps, you’ve been a student yourself.

In either case, a school record exists. Yet, what happens to those records when a student graduates?

These days, we hear a lot about document shredding in the business world. It reduces the risk of a privacy breach and computer fraud. Also, it destroys sensitive information.

Additionally, shredding frees up valuable hard copy space. Plus, it inspires an efficient office and improves daily operations. The same principle applies regarding school records.

Privacy vs. Access

Schools have students of all ages. Therefore, they have a great deal of personal information. In reality, that information must be available for parents or college-aged students to review.

Also, institutions have a responsibility for student information privacy. Thus, schools need to protect against unauthorized access to records. Then, when the time comes, they must properly dispose of that information.

Currently, there’s no specified duration an institution must retain student records. The FERPA law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) protects the privacy of student education records.

However, there is a difference between allowing access and providing copies. Actually, the law does not outline requirements for document shredding.

Yet, it does indicate that records can be destroyed. This applies to documents no longer needed for their intended purpose. FERPA includes information on document destruction methods.

Ultimately, these render documents “unreadable, undecipherable, and non-reconstructable through available means”. In fact, disposing of student records without shredding is a violation of FERPA.

What is a Student Education Record and How Does Shredding Apply?

Student records affected by FERPA law include a range of types. This includes the following:

  • Health and Immunization Records
  • Student Transcripts
  • Financial Information
  • Student Course History and Disciplinary Files
  • Personal Information

Shredding the above information before disposing of is the most secure method. Plus, it improves records management efficiency. In addition, the shredding process includes a certificate verifying destruction.

Shredding Options

Several Florida document shredding methods are available. Of course, there’s one to fit your school’s needs.

Mobile document shredding is convenient and great for 100-300-pound orders. First, a shred truck pulls up. Then, you watch it destroy the goods.

Off-site shredding works well for larger projects. For these, a truck will pick up your documents. Then, they’ll bring them to a shredding facility.

This is a fast and cheaper document destruction option. Consider, smaller projects of less than 100 pounds. Take them to a drop-off location. They will shred documents while you wait.