How to Mitigate 3 Data Security Risks of Hybrid Employees in Clearwater

A man sitting a dining room table looking out a window with a laptop
Things have certainly changed in the past few years. The Great Resignation saw such unprecedented employment shifts that now it’s pretty much normal for people to work from home. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty much normal for IT professionals to pull ...
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On-Site vs. In-House Shredding in Ft. Myers: What’s the Difference?

A birds eye view of a large pile of books
Ft. Myers businesses of all sizes know how quickly paperwork can pile up. To keep the business safe and running smoothly, document shredding is a critical part of company operations.  There are several ways to go about document shredding, but ...
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Seasonal Workers and Data Security: Is Your Data at Risk in St. Petersburg?

An unlocked padlock sitting on a pile of unattached keyboard keys
Finding seasonal help can be a great thing. It’s like someone sent reinforcements in your greatest time of need, which is really good. It helps your business compete in busy times but stay lean enough to gut it out when ...
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4 Important Considerations Before Purging Your Company’s Documents in St. Petersburg

A light blue file folder open on a desk
If you’re thinking about purging your company’s documents, there are a few things you should consider first. The Right Ways to Purge Your Company's Documents Purging your company’s documents should be done by an experienced document management company with knowledge ...
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4 Factors that Can Increase the Risk of a Data Breach in Naples

An open laptop in a dark room. The screen is full of two large columns of computer code
If you’ve been in business for more than a day, you know your data is the lifeblood of your company. Keeping it secure is how you keep doors open. The last thing you want or need is to have your ...
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Digital vs. Paper Data Breaches in Naples: Why Paper Records Have Similar Risks

Two individuals sitting at a desk. One person looking through documents and the other is writing in a notebook.
There’s a common myth that alleges something along the lines of the following: paper is more secure than digital. While it stands to reason that you can indeed reduce your exposure by keeping a lot of data in analog form ...
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