The Implications of Data Breaches in St. Petersburg and How to Mitigate Risk

A person comparing a paper print out of multiple graphs to similar graphs on a laptop computer screen.
Data breaches have become more commonplace in the business world. Whether it's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or even health information, there are plenty of reasons cybercriminals want to gain access to a company's data. As a result, businesses ...
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The Evolution of Document Management in Naples: How Tech Has Changed the Game

An aisle in a clean concrete vault-like room. The black shelves on either side have glass doors that you can see electronic small blue lights through.
Document management is a broad term covering everything from the initial creation of a document to its storage and sharing, ultimately ending with its disposal. Document management technology dates back to the mid-20th Century and has evolved significantly since then.  ...
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5 Digital Data Spring Cleaning Tips for Tampa Businesses

A stylish desk against a succulent lined window with a laptop and desktop computer on natural wood stands. In front of the computers lays an open notebook with a blue pen on top.
With spring just around the corner, it's time to start spring cleaning. Unfortunately, when you think about spring cleaning, you might forget one of the most important places to clean — your digital life. In today's world, it can be ...
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Should You Include Naples Cybersecurity Training in Your Onboarding Process?

A laptop computer being typed on by hands that are blurred implying the person is typing very fast
Cybersecurity training is one of the most important factors in keeping your organization’s data safe. This article will explore why cybersecurity training is one of the most crucial elements in cybersecurity and how to get the most out of your ...
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3 Ways to Reduce Document Management Risks in Bradenton

A wall of metal drawers with a set of brown and blue books
A well-designed document management system will reduce the risk of lost or misplaced documents. In a paper-based system, documents can be misfiled, lost, or stolen. Digital files can be deleted or overwritten. In addition to reducing the chances of a ...
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3 Reasons to Routinely Check Data Security in Orlando

A desktop computer showing various squares with different kinds of code
When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s no time like the present. Staying on top of your data security checks can help your Orlando business stay secure, avoid breaches, and maintain a reputation for keeping your employees’ and customers’ information safe.  ...
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