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Bradenton Locking Security Containers: Safe, Everyday Disposal of Confidential Documents

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Paperwork has a tendency to pile up fast. Documents that contain confidential customer information or private company data routinely need to be destroyed, but when? Some businesses choose to do annual data destruction, allowing a professional shredding company to dispose of their private documents once a year.

For other companies, once or even twice a year is far too irregular. What would be more advantageous and more secure would be a way to safely dispose of sensitive documents every day. Luckily for businesses in Bradenton, security containers are both a secure and convenient document disposal option. 

Easy Disposal You Can Trust

Locking security containers come with free delivery and free setup. Depending on the size of the business and its needs, there are different styles of locking security containers to choose from. 

What makes these containers so useful is that employees are able to discard confidential documents and other sensitive paperwork that no longer needs to be stored on a daily basis.

By simply dropping documents into the security container’s slot, employees can confidently ensure the destruction of documents without worrying about safeguarding them all year. 

On pickup day, which is scheduled by the business, the shredding company comes and empties the locked security containers. There’s no need to prepare documents for shredding; professional shredding services are able to destroy documents even if they have staples or clips.

Shredding the documents on-site instead of transporting them to a secondary location eliminates the possibility of documents being lost or mishandled. 

Customize Your Security Containers

It goes without saying that no one business is exactly like another. This variability means that every business has unique document destruction demands and therefore requires security containers that fit its needs. 

Locking security containers are designed to match the appearance of business offices. Different sizes allow businesses to comfortably dispose of their documents without overflow or external storage until the next pickup day. 

Businesses can have numerous locking security containers and can even schedule more than one pick-up day a week. These extraordinarily secure containers are easy to use and dramatically reduce the amount of time employees spend on destroying documents.

High-Quality Security Containers

ShredQuick is the leading shredding service in the greater Florida area. Locally owned and operated, ShredQuick provides Bradenton businesses with top-tier shredding and recycling services. 

Our secure, economical security containers offer businesses convenient and cost-effective document destruction. To learn how ShredQuick can help your business, reach out today!

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