Some people in the business world still recall a time before digital storage of business documents was considered trustworthy. In fact, it was much less the norm.

However, there’s no denying the onward march of technology. It’s provided newer and better ways to store data. That includes storing it on hard drives, in the cloud, etc.

Actually, the way we create and store data has changed dramatically. Thus, businesses spend a lot more time and effort implementing digital security measures.

Yet, this is to the detriment of real-world document protections. Unfortunately, this shift in focus could come back to bite your business.

Perhaps, you’re staving off cyber threats. In that case, your business documents could be in danger.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your hard copies safe.

Create Digital Backups

The vast majority of new files are created in virtual space. Therefore, you may still have a backlog of records. They’re stored in file cabinets or off-site warehouses.

This repository of knowledge could prove damaging to your company. It’s just as harmful as a digital data breach, if it is compromised. What can you do to stop such threats?

Your first step is to digitize older records that only exist in hard copy format. That may seem an ominous task, However, there is good news.

This time-consuming task can be taken over to your mobile document shredding service. First, they scan your documents. Then, they shred the hard copies for your convenience.

Adopt a Clean Desk Policy

A cluttered office is an eyesore. Yet, it’s also an invitation for employees to access confidential data.

For this reason, it’s best to educate your employees. Instruct them to leave their desks clean and clear of documents every night.

Maybe, they file paperwork away for later reference. Perhaps, it’s placed in locked bins for document shredding. In either case, you’ll ensure the data in these documents is kept confidential.

Regulate Document Destruction

There is a one way to ensure that sensitive data doesn’t accidentally go out with the trash. It’s to create a shred-it-all policy.

This includes every piece of paper that floats through your office. It all should go to the shredding bin for destruction.

This will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. In doing so, it will keep your confidential information out of the hands of dumpster-diving thieves.

Go with the Pros

Shredding your own documents can be problematic. That’s due to open bins and unsuitable equipment.

Try using a professional Florida document shredding service. They, on the other hand, will provide locking bins. Then, they shred on-site with equipment and practices that meet legal standards.

Finally, they haul paper remains to a secure recycling facility. Of course, you want to remove any dangers associated with business documents. Therefore, a shredding service will get the job done.