You might think your staff is doing a fine job where data destruction is concerned. Yet, the truth is that a reputable and reliable third-party service could do a lot more.

Here are just a few reasons why your business should consider outsourcing data destruction.

Increase Security

You might have a hard time believing that a mobile document shredding service will provide more security for your confidential data than you will. However, the truth is that most businesses don’t give a lot of thought to securing hard copies.

A professional service, on the other hand, provides locking bins for use in your office. In doing so, when documents go in, they can’t be seen by employees that shouldn’t have access.

From there, documents are shredded on-site, while you watch. They use equipment and practices that comply with all applicable privacy laws. That even includes industry regulations like HIPAA and FACTA, for example.

The next step is transporting remaining paper waste to a secure recycling facility. Are you taking all of these steps? If not, a document destruction service could definitely offer increased security. Plus, they will be in compliance with existing laws.

Free Up Your Staff

Your employees have better things to do with their time than worry about shredding documents. This is another reason to outsource your document shredding. It adds convenience. Additionally, it could also increase the efficiency of your operation.

In-house document shredding means employees spending time sorting through hard copies. They are left to determine which can be shredded. Additionally, there must be an understanding of which can be relegated to trash and recycle bins. Maybe they shred everything.

Either way, they’re wasting time sorting or shredding. That is why it’s beneficial to hire a shredding service. Your employees can simply throw all documents into a handy bin. The, there will be a secure mass shredding by an outside vendor.

This saves time and reduces stress for employees. This, in turn, may lead to more efficient operations and greater employee productivity.

Plus, you’ll save whatever you’re paying employees to sort and shred documents. The money is better spent when they are doing more important work.

Save Money

You may be thinking that hiring a Florida document shredding company will cost you money. This is true. However, part of that is offset by what you’re saving on in-house labor.

In addition, consider what you stand to lose if you suffer a data breach. Sn example is when an employee snatches confidential data from the open office shredding bin.

Additionally, dumpster divers can steal paper shreds and put them back together with sophisticated computer programs. By comparison, you could save a lot by outsourcing data destruction.